Program Information

Objectives for Each Child


1.) To gain a sense of self-worth and a positive feeling of oneself.

2.) Learning to trust and respect the teachers, other adults and the other children and to learn that they are also trusted and treated with respect.

3.) To develop skills consistent with their developmental level. 

This can cover a wide area everything from learning to put on a coat to painting a masterpiece or hopping on one foot.

4.) To foster a sense of independence by making choices and being responsible for their own actions.

5.) Learning to co-operate with others, through knowing when and how to share, taking turns and being part of a group.

6.) To observe and learn about their surroundings and develop a consideration of others, nature and the “world” around them.

    Program Statement


    Our goal at Unity House Nursery School is to give children the encouragement and support needed to be their best self.

    Through positive learning experiences children
    are encouraged to develop a positive sense of self, a love of learning and a respectful awareness of others.

    As stated in the How Does Learning Happen? protocol,“Early years programs play an
    important role in supporting children's learning, development, health and well-­being.” We believe that children have a natural enthusiasm and curiosity and we strive to encourage this in each child.

    Given opportunities to explore, play and inquire, children succeed in building positive relationships with others and the world around them, and in developing a positive sense of how they can contribute.

    Click here for a copy of the full program statement.